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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Moonlight: A Honest Personal Review

I really had no idea what this movie is all about prior to downloading simply because I noticed its rating is significantly high in IMDb. In the beginning of the movie, I thought it was just a daily life of black people in America divided in several chapters. But I was wrong. Moonlight is really a fine breathtaking movie about black gay life. Its story very cliche but what if it happens to black people? This is the first movie that answer the question.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I had a bike accident and got my wrist fractured

Happened on the last Saturday when this posted. I have to admit this was really my first bike accident that got me injured so badly. Well, I used to go to the city to buying stuff that actually I don't really need. I simply need a reason to leave my house for awhile to refresh my brain being stuck with nothing to think about but future that haunt me as a jobless man with no formal job.

A day before the accident happened, actually I thought someday I would get a bike accident at some point along the road because of the "endless" trip to the city with a bike. I have no idea why I had a strong feeling that it's going to happen and it happened.

Riding a bike in Indonesia is notoriously dangerous. The transportation regulation in Indonesia doesn't require you to wear a highly standardized helmet, boots, jacket, and a bike specification to ride unlike in European countries like France and German. But hey who cares? It's Indonesia!

I wore a cast-like in the first day accident happened. I couldn't get my arm straight and lift a bottle of water. So today, my wrist is getting better slowly though after trying a number of wrist exercises from Youtube but it hurts like hell.

I need to recover soon considering I should be joining a course started on Monday which is an English programme for English teacher at Elementary School. Yeah, I will be a English teacher for students those ages. Real bad when I prefer students from Junior School at least. But let's see!

Off the topic, I honestly have seen some photos and videos of the programme activities from the organizer's Instagram which is Bone Wisata English Village that you can find here @b_wev. The concept of programme is basically studying English in the nature at most. I don't pretend as the arrogant ass here but really? The trainers are local students from a small campus in the city? Their pronunciation is disaster. They are good for beginner except me to be dead honest. I am an intermediate learner. So no wonder I obviously doubt their capability teaching us particularly me who had been spending over 4 years learning English Language and Literature in Hasanuddin University. Besides that, I was involved to be judge and teacher in some English events in my university and beyond. Do I forget I was a teacher in Malino English Village also?

English teacher for elementary school has been banned for a long time in Bone Regency. However, the students are allowed to study English again. I speculate the regent established the programme to make fortune. Why do I know the regent established that? My relative who is a policeman told me so. The programme seems to be a obligatory for those who want to teach English at Elementary School. An yup, this programme is not free after all!  That's how the regent makes money every body. Smart politician. Joining this programme is totally a waste of money. I expect to find something new then.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pengalaman Membeli Reksa Dana di Bareksa

Reksa dana merupakan instrumen investasi aset tunggal atau campuran yang dikelola oleh manajer investasi. Reksa dana bisa berupa saham, mata uang, indeks & ETF, obligasi pemerintah, dan pendapatan tetap. Disebabkan reksa dana beragam jenisnya maka tentu saja memiliki resiko rendah hingga tinggi. Bagi pemula yang tertarik memulai berinvestasi di reksa dana sangat disarankan membeli reksa dana pendapatan tetap dengan aset kelolaan aset obligasi dari pemerintah walaupun tidak begitu memberikan return cukup tinggi namun stabil dan tidak terlalu fluktuatif.

Bagaimana dengan saya? Sebenarnya berinvestasi di paper aset bukan hal baru bagi saya apalagi saya pernah berinvestasi di saham VISA dan PM menggunakan broker Optionxpress. Terkhusus reksadana saya baru membeli reksa dana pertama saya di Bukalapak berkerja sama dengan Bareksa. Untuk coba-coba saya beli reksadana CIMB seharga RP. 150.000 net tanpa dipungut biaya apapun. Sayangnya di Bukalapak hanya reksadana ini yang dijual jadi saya memilih membuka account baru di Bareksa. Setelah research reksadana yang bagus, jujur saya memilih Kehati Lestari (reksadana pendapatan tetap/fixed-income mutuak fund) karena saya tidak mau mengambil resiko kalaupun iya harus saya lihat grafiknya dahulu apakah menanjak atau menurun tanpa alur W atau M dalam rentang 1 tahun atau 5 tahun dengan fundamental kuat.

Selang beberapa hari, saya kembali melakukan research reksa dana return tertinggi dan akhirnya pilihan jatuh di Sucorinvest Equity Fund dengan return 5,73% 1 bln dan 58,39% 1 thn. Minimal pembelian adalah Rp. 250000 dan pembelian selanjutnya juga minimal Rp 250000. Reksa dana ini termasuk beresiko karena mengelola aset saham tetapi saham yang dikelola terdiri dari saham-saham perusahaan dengan performa bisnis bagus.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Welcome 2017, so what?

A famous saying "history repeats itself" does apply to our time every day. What really changes, that is our body and our surrounding towards new form as time revolves us to be a better one or even worse one. We are racing with the time that sometimes we are not aware of. Time slowly kills you if you don't improve yourself otherwise you are left far far behind. Always remember ancient saying "time is money" so value your time effectively. Make quality and productive time even started with a little things like reading books, walking in the park, visiting museum, and meeting new people.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Afiliasi Lokal Terpercaya dan Terbaik

Tingginya persaingan ecommerce di Indonesia memaksa banyak toko online menawarkan afiliasi kepada saja yang ingin mendapatkan komisi setiap berhasil menjual produk secara online. Selain menghemat biaya iklan dan pemasaran, sistem afiliasi meningkatkan brand awareness, jumlah pelanggan, dan reputasi perusahaan. Ada banyak toko online di Indonesia tapi hanya sedikit yang bisa dijadikan mitra afiliasi lokal terpercaya dan terbaik.

afiliasi lokal terbaik

Sayangnya, afiliasi toko online menawarkan tidak terlalu banyak komisi afiliasi. Itulah sebabnya saya sekarang lebih fokus menjalani afiliasi broker forex dan layanan web hosting. Kenapa? Potensi keuntungan dari afiliasi broker forex dan web hosting tidaklah terbatas. Apabila orang yang mendaftar di broker forex melalui link afiliasi kita tetap melakukan trading, kita tetap mendapatkan komisi. Begitu pun dengan web hosting, apabila orang yang membeli paket hosting melalui link afiliasi memperpanjang kontraknya setiap bulan atau setiap tahun, kita juga tetap mendapatkan komisi. 

Untuk yang mengerti PPC seperti Adwords,pikirkan jika memperhitungkan nilai konversi iklan belum tentu tinggi jika hanya keuntungan didapatkan hanya saat orang sudah membeli produk yang dipasarkan di Google Search. Dari sini sudah mengerti kan?

Selanjutnya, kalau mencari afiliasi lokal terpercaya dan terbaik di Indonesia, saya hanya merekomendasikan mendaftar di afiliasi broker forex terbesar di Indonesia yaitu FBS melalui situs resminya di fbs.id. Saya sudah sering mendapatkan komisi dari FBS dengan tetap konsisten mempromosikan FBS melalui blog dan sosial media.

How to Make Your iPhone 4 Faster

Comparing to the newest Android smartphones, iPhone 4 is nothing but old premium flagship of Apple. It runs perfectly smooth in iOS 5 but snail-like in iOS 7.1.2 even when you're using it to access internet. Nevertheless, iPhone 4 still looks cool and premium which honestly I decided to buy it. It works perfect and reliable for daily use but installing latest apps that require above iOS 7.1.2.

iPhone 4 is basically powered by 500MB only. You should install old apps that you really need or just a number of apps to save some iPhone 4 RAM resources. Multimedia data you store in your iPhone 4 don't really matter. No need to delete it.

Also Read: Is iPhone 4 Obsolete?

Another good method to make your iPhone 4 faster is jailbreaking it to completely remove useless built-in apps like Stocks, Weather, Game Center, and Passbook. Furthermore, you may install tweaks from Cydia to boost your iPhone 4 faster. I highly recommend installling Nitrous, Pwntunes, Speed Intensifier, and Notification Killer.You don't have to be a tech savvy to jailbreak iPhone, which is easy as pie. Install Pangu for iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 and follow the instructions to start jailbreaking your iPhone 4.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Fix "Error Loading This Resource" in Wordpress

If you have a video blog which is powered by Wordpress probably you will find an error when playing a video which is "error loading this resource" in the left up corner of the video player. Usually this error happens if you fetch a video from its URL directly like http://domain.com/video.mp4 into your video player.Another problem is, your browser download the video instead automatically instead of playing it for you.

According to Wordpress discussion, either hosting or video itself are corrupted. Therefore, you should contact your hosting provider or re-encode your video especially if it is mp4. Convert your mp4 to other formats like AVI or Webm then upload it to your server.

However, "error loading this resource" can also be resulted by your machine or browser configuration. Ask your friend open your blog to see if the error still appears. If it don't, then I might assume you should check your browser. If you have IDM (Internet Download Manager), reinstall it or try using incognito window.

Luar Biasa Mengganggu Telemarketing BNI Life

Setelah memuji BNI sebagai bank terbaik di Indonesia maka kali ini saya betul-betul dibuat kesal dengan kelakuan perusahaan asuransinya yang tidak lain tidak bukan BNI Life. Luar biasa tidak ada bosannya menelpon orang setiap hari walaupun sudah dibilang jangan menelpon lagi karena mengganggu. Biarpun nomornya juga sudah diblokir ternyata BNI Life punya banyak sekali nomor telepon.

Sebenarnya dulu saya pernah punya polis asuransi kesehatan di BNI bekerja sama dengan perusahaan asuransi pihak ketiga sebelum BNI Life terbentuk. Itupun dulunya kena rayuan manis dari telemarketingnya dan akhirnya deal lewat jalur telepon yang sebetulnya menurut saya aneh bukan hitam di atas putih. Hanya rekaman pembicaraan telepon antara saya dan telemarketingnya yang dijadikan alat bukti deal. Akibatnya, setiap bulannya uang saya di rekening harus terpotong untuk membayar preminya.  Preminya terbilang berat mengingat saya cuman mahasiswa waktu itu.

Mau saya batalkan tapi malas juga ke BNI apalagi menelpon telemarketingnya. Akhirnya, saya tarik semua uang saya di BNI setelah menerima beasiswa prestasi akademik. Saya biarkan hangus hingga akhirnya saya buat rekening BNI lagi. Tetapi ya seperti saya jelaskan, lagi-lagi saya ditawarkan asuransi dari BNI. Strategi marketing tergolong agresif dan tidak sopan begini seharusnya dievaluasi BNI agar tidak menimbulkan citra buruk bagi BNI sendiri.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Is iPhone 4 Now Obsolete?

If you are a tech savvy and you know what you need, there is no obsolete regarding old gadget including iDevice like iPhone 4 that I am about to review because I have it. Well, honestly I can't afford latest iPhone because of its ridiculous price. Another bad news is that Apple kill off old device like iPhone 3G and iPad 2. So, never expect Apple provide iOS update for old iDevice. Per my case, iPhone 4 that I bought a week ago was sold for around $90. Fortunately, the seller claimed that this iPhone was not refurbished. Comparing to nowdays-smartphone, I have to admit that this iPhone 4 is nothing but old premium flagship of Apple. It's tiny and extremely slow. Do I forget to mention it stucks on iOS 7.1.2?

I almost overcome them all by jailbreaking it. You just simply need to use Pangu to jailbreak it and then install Cydia. I can install Youtube and even Spotify using tweaks and cracked app from Cydia. I had old iCloud account from my brother's stolen iPhone, so it's another advantage for me to install old apps that supports iOS 7.1.2 running on iPhone 4.

Cara Menghapus Newsstand di iPhone

Ada beberapa aplikasi bawaan iPhone yang sebenarnya tidak berguna di Indonesia misalnya Passbook dan Newsstand. Saya pribadi juga tidak begitu suka Game Center, Reminder, Stock dan Voice Memo. Selain membebani RAM dan RAM, aplikasi bawaan iPhone juga memakan kuota internet. Jadi akhirnya saya menghapus semua aplikasi bawaan iPhone tadi.

Menghapus aplikasi bawaan iPhone, seperti Android tentu saja iPhone terlebih dahulu harus kita jailbreak agar bisa menginstal Cydia. Cydia bisa dikatakan versi bajakan "App Store" di iPhone jailbreak walaupun sebenarnya menyediakan aplikasi dan tweak premium juga. Tapi tenang saja, semuan tersedia bajakannya di Cydia.

Setelah berhasil menginstal Cydia tambahkan repo http://sinfuliphonerepo.com/ dan cari iFile Cracked. Kita akan gunakan iFile menghapus langsung aplikasi bawaan iPhone seperti Passbook, Game Center, Reminder, Nike, dan Voice Memo di /Application dan /System/Library/AccessibilityBundles. Misalnya jika ingin menghapus Compass, cari foldernya di /Applications lalu lanjutkan hapus folder bundlenya di /System/Library/AccessibilityBundles/Compass.axbundle.

Terkhusus Newsstand, sayangnya saya tidak bisa menemukan foldernya di iFile jadi kemungkinan Newsstand tergabung dengan file system home atau bisa saja terenskripsi dengan baik. Cara satu-satunya yaitu menyembunyikan aplikasi Newstand dengan cara menginstal tweak NoNewsIsGoodNews dari repo BigBoss bawaan Cydia.